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Environmental contaminants studies

Environmental contaminants studies aim at determining the presence of contaminants in, or their effects on, sediments and biota. Toxicon performs studies of contaminants in sediments and biota, in freshwater and in marine waters, within the framework of coastal control and monitoring programmes. Sediment studies often provide basic data for dredging licenses. Fish physiological studies are performed, in freshwater and marine waters, to demonstrate exposure to and/or effects of contaminants. Biomarkers are used as early warning signs of biological changes in organisms and these markers are thus useful in fish physiological studies

Quality Assurance

Our projects are performed in accordance with OECD guidelines for quality assurance of data and work routines.  Toxicon has two diving marine ecologists (Per Olsson and Fredrik Lundgren) with professional diver’s certificates (S30).

Field resources

Toxicon has it’s own adequately equipped boat. The boat is used for sampling of sediments and biota in shallow coastal waters. When we work in the open sea we hire larger sampling vessels.

Environmental Contaminats Studies

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