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Ekotoxikologisk testverksamhet

Ecotoxicological testing

Our ecotoxicological testing focuses on biological effects in aquatic environments. We perform tests on freshwater as well as marine organisms. All tests are in accordance with national or international standards (OECD Test Guidelines, Swedish Standard, ISO and others). We offer tailored, laboratory-based fish physiological studies within the framework of our ecotoxicological testing. 

Quality assurance

The ecotoxicological testing unit is GLP (OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice) certified by Swedac in accordance with directive 2004/9/EC. Toxicon´s registration number is 7843.
GLP Statement 2016

Toxicity testing

  • Individual substances and products
    • REACH classification and labelling
    • Off-shore classification and labelling (HOCNF in accordance with OSPAR guidelines)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Complex waters
    • Whole Effluent Assessments (sewage, industrial wastewater and leachates)
  • Sediments/soils
    •   Solid phase
    • Porewater and extract


Individual substances and products
Anders Walstad
Telephone: +46-418-560 93

Industrial effluents, leachates, sediments and soils
Anders Sjölin
Telephone: +46-418-560 97


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