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Welcome to Toxicon. Toxicon AB is an independent contract laboratory owned by ALS Scandinavia AB. Effective 1 September 2019, the Toxicon business have been split up between ALS/Toxicon AB and NIRAS Sweden AB.

Analytical services of pharmaceuticals and medical device, as well as characterization and ecotoxicological tests are performed by ALS/Toxicon. The consulting activities are performed by NIRAS Sweden AB. This also includes services for establishing control programs for authorities and industries as well as literature studies within toxicology, marine ecology and ecotoxicology. Links to ALS/Toxicon and NIRAS webpages are found below.

Contact information to Toxicon AB and Toxicon Fastigheter AB:

Rosenhällsvägen 29, 261 92 HÄRSLÖV, Sweden
Tel: 0418-70700

Analytical services for testing of pharmaceuticals and medical device (ALS/Toxicon)

Ecotoxicological testing and characterization (ALS/Toxicon)

Marine ecological testing (NIRAS Sweden AB)

Environmental investigations (NIRAS Sweden AB)

Investigational studies, MKB and risk assessments (NIRAS Sweden AB)




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